Mark Rubinstein

Here are some links to bands and projects I've been involved with, and some studio and musical friends as well.

The Blue Flower - Jim and Ruth Bauer's theater piece is a beautiful, haunting, challenging, and sometimes infuriating piece of Art with a capital A. I've been involved with the project in one way or another since 2000, pumping the accordion and sometimes pounding the piano, and I was Musical Director of the latest theatrical incarnation of the show, which was part of American Repertory Theater's 2010-2011 season at the Loeb Drama Center on the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, MA. We also recently completed a CD of the songs from the Blue Flower, with many of the members of the original Weimarband.

Buttercup - Buttercup's brand of pop music is always fun, never predictable, and relentlessly innovative. I produced their first two albums, "Sick Yellow Flower" and "Hot Love."

P.M Soul - P.M.Soul is among the finest R & B and soul bands in Texas. Vocalist Michelle Garibay-Carey is in possession of a formidable set of pipes, and Pat Carey leads a serious band to back her up. I've was a member of the band for a number of years, and we're hard at work on the first Planet Soul CD. Watch for it soon!

The Accidental Trio - This is a link to the MySpace page for a side project that includes vocalist Joan Carroll, guitarist Matt Dunne, and yours truly on accordion. It's a ton of fun, and listeners seem to think we make some pretty happening music.

Third Coast Rhythm Project - Barbara Phillips hosts this annual 4 day educational program of courses, master classes, archive film showings, open jam sessions, and outreach programs featuring nationally and internationally recognized master tap dance and human rhythm teachers and artists.
I've been the musical director for the gala concert for the past several years, and I've taught classes on musical form and jazz structure for dancers at the festival.

Tapestry Dance Company - Tapestry hosts "Soul to Sole," an annual "soulful celebration of rhythm" that features dance artists from around the globe. I was featured as a guest artist (on piano, not as a dancer) at the closing concert of the festival for a number of seasons.

KMA Music - I was general manager and chief engineer of this studio in the Brill Building in Times Square for much of 2008, and was chief engineer at an earlier incarnation of the studio for several years. Owner Michael Case Kissel has been a valued friend and collaborator for many years.

Salmon Peak Studio - I've made a number of records here, and it's a great sounding room to work in, with a beautiful live room, a vintage Neve and a killer microphone cabinet!! Owner Mark Sinko never fails to make his clients feel like his personal guests, and he makes the best studio coffee anywhere!!

Shrub Music/Trace Elements Music - My dear friend Andrew Halbreich is a leading expert in intellectual property issues as they relate to music in all forms and across all media, as well as a tremendous songwriter, steel guitarist, and harmonica-ist. We've worked together for well over 15 years, and in that time we've made a few records, toured Europe a few times, and enjoyed many a fine meal together.