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Saturday night (Valentine’s night), I played at Carmen’s de la Calle with Monde Cache, and the band ended up being about 1/3 smaller than anticipated.  Some of you know the story of how The Accidental Trio got its name, and I find it mildly amusing that our missing member on Saturday was one of the actors in the drama that led to the unintended formation of said trio.  In any event, Katchie and I ended up doing the gig as a duo, and a good, if occasionally stressful, time was had by all.

Paula laid some of her famous paella on me at the end of the gig, and it was fantastic!  It was followed up by an intriguing hybrid dessert: red velvet flan, which as you might guess lives at the unlikely intersection where flan and red velvet cake come together.  Paula admits that the recipe need to be refined a little, but it was still very enjoyable and a promising start to what could be the next “two great tastes that taste great together.”

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I’m in the process of adding new banner images to the blog, and I was totally prepared to discard the placeholder images that were downloaded with the theme as one normally would do with any sort of placeholder (the banner images rotate at random, and the idea is to replace them with your own stuff.) However, I realized upon closer examination that both images, serendipitously enough, were of locations that had real personal significance.  So, when the seemingly generic New York photos come up in the rotation, take a closer look.  The street scene is 59th Street at 5th Ave., and the unremarkable modern building that occupies the center of the background of the shot is 785 Fifth Ave., where I went up to the 19th floor to the studio in Denise Rich’s penthouse for work every day for a few years.   In the wide shot of Central Park, the same building can be seen in the lower right hand quadrant of the photo, not far from where the park ends at 59th St.  I decided to leave them in the mix.